Desktop Computer Parts - The Power Supply

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There are many different desktop computer parts that go into a computer. All computers have a motherboard of some sort which is the backbone of the operation. They will also all have processors which is the brains. The ram is the fast memory while the hard drive is the slow memory. The GPU takes care of all of the video while the sound card takes care of all of the audio.

8 July 2013

When Should You Contact A Las Vegas NV Computer Repair Person

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People who use their computers casually or those who use their computers for their business needs will probably need to hire a professional for computer repair in Las Vegas NV at some point. Some of the most common computer errors occur due to computer viruses or the failure to update the computer's operating system when updates are available. Oftentimes, you will notice that your computer is running slower than normal. You might not be able to access sites that you could access days before.

28 June 2013