How To Improve Your Company's Security With Better Passwords

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Regardless of how effective the cyber security measures of your business are, there are limits to how secure your business will be if you do not use passwords effectively. Passwords need to be unique, must be complex, and must be changed regularly. Your employees must make sure to follow best practices when creating passwords.

Passwords Should Be Unique

Some employees get into the habit of using the same password over and over again. However, this can backfire because the use of the same password can lead to a single security breach compromising multiple websites. This is because a hacker might assume that a stolen password is used for multiple accounts.

Passwords Shouldn't Be Simple

Passwords need to be complex so that they are more difficult to guess. They should include numbers, symbols, and both upper and lower case letters. Ideally, a password should be generated randomly so that you don't accidentally come up with the same password.

Passwords Should Be Changed Regularly

A password should also be changed regularly so that individuals who manage to obtain a password are not able to use it for long. However, you might wonder how your staff can remember so many passwords when they have to change them so often and randomly generate them. One way around this is to use a password manager. 

Staff Can Benefit from Using Password Managers

A password manager will allow a user to have a single password that allows them to keep track of passwords for other accounts. They do not have to remember these passwords because they will be filled in automatically. Then, the passwords can be changed on a regular basis automatically. A user only has to remember a single password, which can be written down in a safe place and changed regularly.

Two-Factor Authentication Improves Security

Your business can also implement two-factor authentication to require that users log in using both a password and another method. For example, they might have a security code emailed to a phone they have access to. 

Hiring a cyber security solution can help your business make sure that it is protected from cyber-attacks and other threats by helping your company implement better password management systems, implementing a unified threat management system, encrypting and backing up your devices, and performing many other services. If there are any security holes in your business, a qualified analyst will be able to identify and patch them.

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3 June 2022

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