Keys To Selecting A Compatible Anechoic Chamber System For Device Testing

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Anechoic chamber systems are amazing in that they can block out sound and electromagnetic waves. That makes them perfect for testing things like radars and antennas. If you have a project that requires these tests on said devices, use these tips to find a compact anechoic chamber that suits your needs.

Use Interactive Presentations to Learn More About Performance

It might be hard to test out different anechoic chambers in person, especially if manufacturers are located far away from your work site. Still, you have a way of working around these logistical issues and that's through interactive presentations that focus on anechoic chamber performance in particular.

The manufacturer that you're planning to purchase from can show you live demonstrations of various anechoic chamber models, detailing their exact background noise levels and insulation properties. Seeing these interactions will give you confidence when choosing a particular anechoic chamber system in particular.

Make Sure Fast Measurement Capabilities Are Provided

If you have to test a lot of different devices in an anechoic chamber, it's important that you get a model with fast measurement capabilities. Then it won't matter what type of deadlines you're up against or the number of systems you have to analyze.

You'll be able to gather meaningful sound data from your anechoic chamber system in no time. You need a chamber system with responsive processing speeds and software that easily integrates with this chamber system. Then your measurements will show up in the software immediately after testing concludes in the chamber system.

Work with Sound Engineers to Design Sound Absorbers

An anechoic chamber system isn't complete until it has sound absorbers. They look like cone-shaped foam materials and they need to be placed at the correct positions in order for this chamber to effectively block out background noise.

If you work with sound engineers that are around these chamber systems all the time, it will be a lot easier to achieve the perfect sound absorber layout. Whether these absorbers are set up on the walls, ceiling, or flooring, placement will be perfect when you let sound engineers help you make meaningful assessments with this aspect.

Anechoic chambers have a lot of great testing capabilities for various devices, but in order to really maximize one, you need to make sure it's built perfectly. You won't struggle with this if you're careful about reviewing different chamber models and getting help from professionals all throughout manufacturing. 


6 January 2022

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