How Third-Party IT Support Services Fit Into Companies' Plans

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For most modern enterprises of all sizes, IT services are a big part of keeping things running. Many companies, though, aren't sure whether they should shell out money to maintain permanent IT staff or pay for third-party IT support services.

Take a look at why a lot of operations prefer the latter option.


Unsurprisingly, a lot of decision-makers will boil this choice down to cost. If your business doesn't have daily IT needs that require constant support, working with a third-party-vendor is likely going to keep long-term costs down. You can also set up a support contract that allows you to lock in your costs, providing predictability for the term of the agreement.

There are also businesses with on-staff IT people that still work with third-party providers, though. For example, you might only need two people to deal with daily needs, but you may need more help for a big project. Rolling out networking cables or setting up workstations can be a labor-intensive and specialized task.


IT develops move at a lightning pace. Keeping up with all of the knowledge in the IT world is an impossible task, but an IT support services team will likely monitor changes more closely than you can. This can be especially helpful when new operating system updates roll out, software packages reach end-of-life status, or a major security problem is disclosed by a major manufacturer.


Especially at businesses that need to ramp up to deal with seasonal needs, it helps to be flexible with IT services. A firm that does 80% of its business during the holiday shopping season, for example, might see most of their systems idled from mid-January until September or October. When they need to get terminals and devices running in the ramp-up to the season, though, they may require a lot of assistance. You can put a contract in place that will guarantee that help will be there right when you need it.

Licensing Advantages

Software licensing is a pain, and it can get pricey very fast. Most IT support services companies, however, have bulk pricing agreements in place with software vendors. They're also able to offer these discounts to their customers. If you're interested in licensing a piece of software that costs thousands of dollars per year and on a per-seat basis, even a small discount can take some of the pain out of acquiring software. Also, these deals usually come with free updates.

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21 August 2020

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