Why Every Business Owner Should Want DAS Cellular Coverage Inside Their Office Or Store

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Distributed antenna systems (DAS) of cellular coverage can provide a cellular signal for a building using multiple small, indoor antennas that are arranged throughout an area. Each of these indoor antennas can communicate with each other and also with a larger outdoor antenna that is outside of the building. Here's why every business owner needs a DAS network installed in their store or office building.

Your Employees' Regular Cellular Signal Might Not Penetrate Your Building

If you own a massive building made out of concrete or other materials that are difficult for cellular signals to penetrate, this could lead to a lot of dropped calls or static on your employees' cellular phones while they are inside your building. When a DAS system is installed, your employee's phone can communicate with an indoor antenna that then sends the signal to an outdoor antenna in order to ensure that the call makes it through. By acting as a go-between or bridge for your employees' phones and the outside cellular network, DAS cellular coverage can provide your employees with the stability they need to do their jobs.

DAS Coverage Could Be Critical During an Emergency

If your employees ever need to communicate quickly with each other using their cell phones, you will want to make sure the information gets through without delay or any other issues. Worst-case scenarios might include a robbery attempt in your store or a disgruntled employee showing up at your office building. A DAS network will ensure that any employee with a cell phone will be able to contact the authorities from wherever they are in the building without having to worry about the call dropping or not getting through.

Your Customers or Clients Will Appreciate It Too

Poor cellular coverage isn't just annoying to your employees, chances are good your customers or clients who enter your store or building will notice it as well. You don't want to have a customer avoid your retail store because they are awaiting an important phone call and are scared they might not receive it if your store's walls are blocking the incoming signal and reducing their phone to one or fewer bars of coverage.

If you have clients trying to contact employees on their mobile phones, you don't want a repeated drop call to frustrate your clients or business partners and force them to look elsewhere to get their business needs met. Contact a DAS cellular coverage professional today for more information


10 July 2020

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