3 Reasons You Need Website Security

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Whether you run a personal website or one for e-commerce, website security is invaluable to protect your assets and keep customers safe. There are several potential website threats that dictate your need for website security packages.


Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks occur when there is a significant increase in traffic sent to your website. The aim of a DDoS attack is to crash your website and prevent legitimate traffic from making it through. Depending on the type of website you have, any downtime could translate into lost sales. Additionally, DDoS attacks can undermine the public's perception of your brand. People may go elsewhere to make a purchase in some instances or may feel concerned about your security and ability to protect their private information. DDoS attacks are fairly common, but with the right security features in place, they can be thwarted quickly and either prevent or reduce any adverse effects on your website.


Malicious software (malware) are pieces of code that can be injected into your website. Without constant monitoring of your website, it may be impossible to know the problem exists. The extent of the problem depends on the agenda of the code. Sometimes malware can spread by injecting itself into a visitor's computer when they visit your website. This injected code may be a key-logger that is constantly watching your visitor's keystrokes to gather log-in information, especially for banking and other financial institution websites. In other instances, the malware may exist and stay exclusively on your website and can mimic legitimate credit card processors or third-party payment processors. When this occurs, visitors to your website may unknowingly type in their sensitive information to make a payment, only to have it stolen by the malware.

Payment Compliance

There are standards that exist for websites to safely process payments, either directly on their website or through third-parties. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is used to protect both merchants and customers. Some security packages make the process of being PCI DSS complaint easier and help you maintain compliance when your website goes through changes or the compliance standards change. These standards dictate how you can safely process payments and where or how sensitive customer information can be stored. Processing payments without meeting these standards means your business can be subjected to penalties and fines, in addition to potentially ruining your reputation with customers.

There are infinite threats to websites, which means having a good security package is essential. Good website security not only protects your brand but can also protect the public's perception of your brand.

For more information about website security packages, contact a website security service.


13 March 2020

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