What You Should Know About Machine Vision And Your Production Facility

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While many manufacturers may understand the fundamentals of machine vision technology, they may not understand how this can benefit their operation. Machine vision, at its core, is digital imaging with artificial intelligence used to analyze those images. For manufacturers, this technology can be well worth the investment. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider machine vision implementation in your manufacturing facility.

Maintaining Your Equipment

Every manufacturer understands that the equipment used in the facility needs preventative maintenance. However, what makes your preventative maintenance truly effective is being able to easily determine when parts are starting to wear so that they can be replaced before they fail.

Machine vision can make this far easier for your company to do. With machine vision monitoring, artificial intelligence readers can flag even subtle changes in operation, response, and production. In turn, your machine vision system can alert you when any component is not responding as it has been, allowing you to respond to the problem before it becomes a failure.

Controlling Quality

Quality control is a major concern and focus for most manufacturing companies. As a result, many companies employ a large number of quality control employees. These individuals are responsible for personally inspecting a sample of products, or all of the products, that come off the manufacturing line. The goal is to spot flaws, defects, and other problems quickly and efficiently.

Machine vision can automate this process for you and make it far more accurate. Machine vision can be used to inspect everything that comes off the line to ensure that it is precisely as it should be. You'll be able to identify defected parts much quicker and with far fewer man-hours associated with the work. This saves your company money in employment costs as well as in operating expenses.

Managing Safety Issues

In some situations, machine vision can even be used to help prevent facility injuries. In fact, with machine vision, the perimeters of the system can be monitored for any potentially unsafe conditions, stopping operation when necessary to protect your employees from any possible injuries due to wandering too close to the operational parts of the machine. 

Understanding the fundamentals of machine vision and what it can do for your company's manufacturing operation can help you to understand why it's worth the investment. Contact a Cognex Machine Vision company near you today for more information and to see about installing machine vision technology in your building.


22 January 2020

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