Reasons To Store Your Files On A Cloud Service

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In the past, if you wanted to save a file, you would save it to a disk drive. Normally, this would mean saving the file in a folder on your computer's hard drive, or on a portable disk. If you wanted to open that file again, you would need either the computer itself, its hard drive, or the portable disk you used to save it on.

Nowadays, you have the option of saving files on a cloud service. This is a virtual hard drive that allows you to save files online. If you need to access the files that you saved to a cloud network, you simply access that cloud online, and login with your personal credentials. Other people can also send you an invitation to access specific folders in their clouds.

Less likely for files to be hacked and stolen

When you have files saved on your personal equipment, it is your responsibility to protect them from thieves and hackers. When you save your files to a cloud, it is the responsibility of the cloud storage provider to protect them. They will have better security features and protocols than any individual will likely have access to. That means that if you have any important files, they will be much safer stored in a cloud than on your personal hard drive.

Easy file sharing

To share files that you have stored locally, you will need to save them to a portable storage device and physically get them in the hands of the person you want to share them with. To share using a cloud service, you can simply send an invitation to the person, or provide them with the proper credentials to login.

No need to rely on physical equipment

When you store your files on physical equipment, there is always a risk that the equipment will be damaged and you'll lose those files forever. Since cloud storage is virtual, this is much less likely to occur. Companies that offer cloud storage take special precautions to ensure that their equipment is safe and that files are backed up.

Easily increase storage size capabilities

Physical hard drives have storage limitations. That means that you'll run into issues if your files are too large. When you use a cloud storage service, you can always pay more to increase your storage limits. For example, if you have 2 GB of storage space available on a cloud service, and your files are about to hit that limit, you can easily upgrade to more gigabytes of storage space.


17 January 2020

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