Nanopositioners Make Space Research Easier

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There are many industries that work within very tight tolerances. For example, the aerospace industry needs to have things that are accurate down to the millionths or more of a centimeter in order to make sure that things are safe for people who are using the equipment. But making sure that the parts or positioning of these parts are accurate to that level can be very difficult. That's where nanopositioners come in. 


Nanopositioners are a component set inside a rigid frame. The rigid frame allows the component to move on all three axis points, which will allow the larger piece to be moved as necessary or to control the movement of other pieces of equipment. The nanopositioner is controlled by positioning software which will control the positioner and tell it exactly where to go — all within very specific measurements — which can be in the range of under a nanometer. A nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter, and a millimeter is approximately the size of the end of a pencil lead when it has been sharpened.

To show how much smaller than a millimeter a nanometer is, it takes about 75,000 nanometers to make up the diameter of a hair on your head. That measurement is way too small for the human eye to see and it's way too difficult for a human to position or control a piece to within a nanometer, which is why it's necessary to use nanopositioning software. So, what are some places where nanopositioning software is used?


When it comes to research in space, scientists use huge telescopes. While you may think that they can just move the telescopes with large movements to the next area, the fact is that the further out the researcher is looking, the smaller the area that they are searching, which means that the telescope has to move in tiny, tiny increments. The nanopositioning software will tell the nanopositioner to move the telescope and where to go. It may not look like it has moved, especially since the telescopes are large and the increments in which they move are so small, but it will have moved to exactly the precise point. 

Making sure that equipment or pieces of equipment are controlled to proper tolerances and measurements, is extremely important in certain industries. Those measurements are too small for any human to do correctly, which is where nanopositioners and their controlling software come into use. If you're looking for help with nanopositioning, consider calling a business with specialized nanopositioning software for sale today.


30 April 2019

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